Plant Protection Information Availability (map)

Country Last update Average updates/year Comment Local language Basic product info Crop info Pest info P.H.I. GAP info Off label/Minor use Emergency/temporary authorisations Seed treatment Parallel import Adjuvants Certification Standards Symbols Risk phrases
ALGERIA 2023-05-30 1 Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Partially
CAMEROON 2024-04-16 1 Updates are not regular Partially
CSP-COM.SAHELIEN PESTICIDES 2024-06-20 2 Source: Institut du Sahel (INSAH) - Comité Sahélien des Pesticides (CSP). Sahel Pesticides Committee CSP. 13 Member
States: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Chad, Côte D'Ivoire, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Niger,
Senegal and Togo.
EGYPT 2024-07-02 6 Source: Agricultural Pesticide Committee (APC) Partially
GHANA 2023-10-26 1 Source: Private
KENYA 2024-06-20 4 Source: Pest Control Products Board (PCPB) Partially
MALAWI 2024-02-29 1
MOROCCO 2024-07-10 6 Source: ONSSA Homologation des Intrants Chimiques
MOZAMBIQUE Irregular Private source
NIGERIA 2023-07-06 1 Private source
SENEGAL 2024-05-02 1
SOUTH-AFRICA 2024-06-21 12 Ministry Partially Partially No
TUNISIA 2020-11-16 1 Source: Portail Agricole Flehetna Partially Organic production
UGANDA 2022-07-12 1 Source: Ministry of Agriculture
ZIMBABWE 2024-06-25 Irregular Private source (only tobacco as crop) Partially
BELARUS 2023-12-29 4 Source: Главная государственная инспекция по семеноводству, карантину и защите растений
KAZAKHSTAN 2024-03-21 2 Source: Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Partially Partially
MOLDOVA 2023-11-21 1 Source: Ministerul Agriculturii, Dezvoltării Regionale și Mediului Partially
RUSSIA 2024-07-18 5 Source: Министерство сельского хозяйства Российской Федерации (Ministry/pdf)
UKRAINE 2024-04-29 4 Source: Official book & Ministry (Міністерство енергетики та захисту довкілля України) Partially Partially
UZBEKISTAN 2023-11-29 1 Source: Ministry
AUSTRIA 2024-06-25 12 Source: Bundesamt für Ernährungssicherheit - Österreichische Agentur für Ernährungssicherheit -
Pflanzenschutzmittelregister (Austrian Ministry)
Organic production
BELGIUM 2024-06-26 12 Source: Phytoweb Produits Phytopharmaceutiques et Engrais (Ministry) Organic production
BULGARIA 2024-01-05 1 Source: Българска агенция по безопасност на храните (БАБХ) (Ministry)
CROATIA 2024-06-19 5 Source: Ministarstvo Poljoprivrede (Ministry) Organic production
CYPRUS 2024-05-28 1 Source: Υπουργείο Γεωργίας, Αγροτικής Ανάπτυξης και εριβάλλοντος (Ministry) No
CZECH REP. 2024-06-25 7 Source: Ústřední kontrolní a zkušební ústav zemědělský (ÚKZÚZ) - Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in
Organic production
DENMARK 2024-07-15 10 Source: Middeldatabasen (SEGES)
ESTONIA 2024-07-22 12 Source: Põllumajandusamet (Ministry) Organic production
FINLAND 2024-05-16 6 Source: Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) Partially Partially
FRANCE 2024-07-04 12 Source: Lexagri. Only the commercially available products are included in Homologa. Organic production
FRANCE-EPHY 2024-07-05 10 Source: E-Phy website managed by ANSES (Agence nationale de sécurité sanitaire de l'alimentation, de l'environnement et
du travail)
Organic production
GERMANY 2024-06-28 12 Source: Bundesamt für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit (BVL) - Federal Office of Consumer Protection and
Food Safety
Organic production
GREECE 2024-02-23 6 Source: Ministry No
HUNGARY 2024-06-20 6 Source: Ministry and private Partially Partially Partially
ICELAND 2024-05-13 2 Source: Ministry (The Environment Agency of Iceland) Partially Partially Partially
IRELAND 2024-07-15 4 Source: The Pesticide Registration and Controls Divisions. Registration date: Date in which the product was introduced
in the website
Partially Partially Partially Partially
ITALY 2024-07-09 12 Source: Ministero della Salute. Partially Organic production Partially Partially
LATVIA 2024-07-05 6 Source: Valsts augu aizsardzības dienests (Ministry) Organic production
LITHUANIA 2024-05-06 5 Source: Valstybinė augalininkystės tarnyba prie Žemės ūkio ministerijos Organic production
MALTA 2024-04-29 4 Source: Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA)
NETHERLANDS 2024-06-21 12 Source: Dutch Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (Ctgb - College voor de toelating
van gewasbeschermingsmiddelen en biociden)
Organic production
NORWAY 2024-07-17 6 Source: Norwegian Food Safety Authority
POLAND 2024-04-25 10 Source: Ministerstwo Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Wsi. Temporary products have also been gathered and uploaded. Organic production
PORTUGAL 2024-07-05 11 Source: Direção Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária Partially Partially Partially Partially Organic production
ROMANIA 2024-05-02 4 Source: Ministerul Agriculturii Pădurilor şi Dezvoltării Rurale (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) Partially Partially
SERBIA REP. 2024-01-31 1 Source: Ministry (Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management) Partially
SLOVAKIA 2024-07-19 7 Source: Central Control and Testing Institute in Agriculture (Ústredný kontrolný a skúšobný ústav poľnohospodársky -
Organic production
SLOVENIA 2024-06-18 6 Source: Republika Slovenija. Ministrstvo za Kmetijstvo Gozdarstvo in Prehrano Partially
SPAIN 2024-07-10 18 (3/2months) Source: MAPA Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación (Ministry)
SWEDEN 2024-07-17 6 Source: Swedish Chemicals Agency(KEMI)
SWITZERLAND 2024-06-27 12 Source: Bundesamt für Landwirtschaft BLW – Pflanzenschutzmittelverzeichnis / Office fédéral de l'agriculture OFAG –
Index des produits phytosanitaires (Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture)
Organic production
UNITED KINGDOM (UK) 2024-06-21 12 Source FERA
BANGLADESH 2022-03-08 Irregular Source: কৃষি মন্ত্রণালয় (Ministry Of Agriculture) Partially Partially
CHINA 2024-07-01 12 Source: Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA) Partially
INDIA 2024-07-11 12 Source: Directorate Of Plant Protection, Quarantine And Storage(Ministry of Agriculture) Partially
JAPAN 2024-07-11 12 Source: Ministry
KOREA-SOUTH 2024-04-24 6 Source: National Institute of Agricultural Science Partially
MALAYSIA 2024-07-19 1 Source: Sistem Maklumat Racun Perosak (SISMARP) - Pesticide Information System. Kementerian pertanian dan industri asas
tani - Ministry of Agriculture and agro-based Industry.
PAKISTAN 2020-02-07 Irregular Source: Pakistan Agricultural Research Council Ministry Of National Food Security And Research, year 2018 (Note: Company
information is not available on source)
PHILIPPINES 2024-04-30 2 Source: Fertilizer and pesticide authority Partially
SRI-LANKA 2020-09-11 1 Source: Office of the Registrar of Pesticides. Department of Agriculture.(Note: Company information not available on
Partially Partially
TAIWAN 2024-06-05 4 Source: Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, Council of Agriculture(Ministry) Partially
THAILAND 2023-09-26 1 Source: Office of Agricultural Research and Development (Ministry).
VIETNAM 2023-12-01 1 Source: Ministry(Ministry of agriculture and rural development) Partially
ARGENTINA 2024-05-31 3 Source: Ministry(SENASA) and private Partially Partially Partially Partially
BOLIVIA 2024-05-16 4 Source: Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Agropecuaria e Inocuidad Alimentaria (SENASAG) Partially
BRAZIL 2024-07-04 10 Source: Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento. Homologa gathers the information from the labels published
by the holders in the gov website Agrofit and also the information published in legislative acts (ATO) in DOU (Brazilian
gov. gazette)
Note: weeds are not entered in a one-by-one basis, only as "weeds"
Organic production
CHILE 2024-07-05 8 Source: SAG Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero Organic production
COLOMBIA 2024-06-26 4 Source: Ministry Partially Partially
COSTA-RICA 2024-04-04 3 Source: Servicio Fitosanitario del Estado (Crops and pest info) Partially Partially
ECUADOR 2023-12-19 2 Source: Agencia de regulación y control fito y zoosanitario Partially Partially
JAMAICA 2021-04-21 2 Source: Ministry
MEXICO 2024-04-12 4 Source: Ministry Partially Partially No
PARAGUAY 2023-11-20 1 Source:Servicio Nacional de Calidad y Sanidad Vegetal y de Semillas(SENAVE).We do not maintain crops and GAP
Partially Partially Partially Partially
PERU 2023-11-10 3 Source: Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Agraria - SENASA. Note: Crops have been gathered just from SIGIA HTML platform.
SIGIA site displays several labels for the same product. Homologa just relies on the HTML for crops, doses, PHI, etc.
URUGUAY 2024-04-12 4 Source: Ministerio de ganaderia, agricultura y pesca (MGAP) Partially Partially Partially
ISRAEL 2024-01-18 4 Source: משרד החקלאות ופיתוח הכפר (Ministry of Agriculture) Partially Partially Organic production
TURKEY 2024-07-16 6 Source: Gıda Tarım ve Hayvancılık Bakanlığı. All doses, seed-treatment methods and PHIs displayed in the source are in
Homologa. The rest of GAP is partially covered(i.e. stages, temporary uses, methods, etc.). Minor uses are not defined
in the source.
Partially Partially Partially Partially Organic production
CANADA 2024-07-09 11 Source: PMRA
Note: weeds are not entered in a one-by-one basis, only as "weeds"
USA 2024-06-26 11 Source: EPA. Not pests or GAP information(pests available on CDMS). No download available for this source). Special
Local Needs (SLN) coded by EPA are included
USA-CDMS 2024-07-15 11 Data is not available for download. A special license from CDMS is required.
AUSTRALIA 2024-07-10 11 Data is not available for download. A special license from GrowCom is required. Maxtrmt information is missing
NEW ZEALAND 2024-07-10 11 Source: Ministry for Primary Industries