Date Type Country Comment
25-APR-2024 Registrations HUNGARY New update Hungary regs. as 18/04/2024
25-APR-2024 MRLS ISRAEL New update Israel MRLS as 25/04/2024
25-APR-2024 Registrations FRANCE-EPHY New update France E-Phy regs. as 23/04/2024
24-APR-2024 Registrations TURKEY New update Turkey regs. as 16/04/2024
24-APR-2024 MRLS USA New update USA MRLs as 23/04/2024
24-APR-2024 Registrations BELGIUM New update Belgium regs. as 09/04/2024
24-APR-2024 Registrations KOREA-SOUTH New update South Korea regs. as 23/04/2024
24-APR-2024 MRLS EU-MRLS-HARMONIZED New update EU MRLs as 25/04/2024 (Reg. 2023/2382 - date of effect 25/04/2024, Reg. 2024/1076 - 06/05/2024, Reg. 2024/1078 - 06/05/2024, Reg. 2024/1077 - 06/11/2024)
23-APR-2024 Registrations SOUTH-AFRICA New update South Africa regs. as 22/04/2024
23-APR-2024 Registrations SPAIN New update Spain regs. as 12/04/2024
22-APR-2024 Registrations CZECH REP. New update Czech Republic regs. as 14/04/2024
19-APR-2024 ADI CODEX New update FAO/WHO ADI/ARfDs as 19/04/2024
19-APR-2024 Registrations NEW ZEALAND New update New Zealand regs. as 15/04/2024
19-APR-2024 Registrations LATVIA New update Latvia regs. as 02/04/2024
19-APR-2024 MRLS CANADA New update Canada MRLs as 19/04/2024
18-APR-2024 Seeds USA-CDMS New update USA SEEDS as 09/04/2024
17-APR-2024 MRLS AUSTRALIA New update Australia MRLs as 16/04/2024
16-APR-2024 Registrations CAMEROON New update Cameroon regs. as 14/04/2024
16-APR-2024 Registrations BRAZIL New update Brazil regs. as 22/03/2024
16-APR-2024 Registrations SWEDEN New update Sweden regs. as 10/04/2024
16-APR-2024 Registrations IRELAND New update Ireland regs. as 15/03/2024
15-APR-2024 Registrations NETHERLANDS New update Netherlands regs. as 20/03/2024
15-APR-2024 Registrations NORWAY New update Norway regs. as 08/04/2024
15-APR-2024 Registrations AUSTRIA New update Austria regs. as 02/04/2024
12-APR-2024 Registrations MEXICO New update Mexico regs. as 08/04/2024
12-APR-2024 Registrations URUGUAY New update Uruguay regs. as 10/04/2024
12-APR-2024 Registrations DENMARK New update Denmark regs. as 12/04/2024
12-APR-2024 Registrations ESTONIA New update Estonia regs. as 15/03/2024
11-APR-2024 MRLS GREAT BRITAIN (GB) New update Great Britain (GB) MRLs as 10/04/2024
10-APR-2024 Registrations INDIA New update India regs. as 31/03/2024
10-APR-2024 Seeds GERMANY New update Germany SEEDS as 21/03/2024
09-APR-2024 Registrations CANADA New update Canada regs. as 18/03/2024
09-APR-2024 Registrations ITALY New update Italy regs. as 01/04/2024
08-APR-2024 Registrations SLOVENIA New update Slovenia regs. as 05/04/2024
07-APR-2024 MRLS EU-MRLS-HARMONIZED New update EU MRLs as 08/04/2024 (Reg. 2023/1783 - date of effect 08/04/2024, Reg. 2024/891 - 14/10/2024)
05-APR-2024 Registrations JAPAN New update Japan regs. as 03/04/2024
05-APR-2024 Registrations USA New update USA-EPA regs. as 31/03/2024
05-APR-2024 MRLS NORWAY New update Norway MRLs as 19/03/2024
05-APR-2024 Registrations FRANCE New update France regs. as 05/04/2024
04-APR-2024 MRLS TAIWAN New update Taiwan MRLS as 29/03/2024
04-APR-2024 Registrations COSTA-RICA New update Costa Rica regs. as 19/03/2024
04-APR-2024 Registrations PORTUGAL New update Portugal regs. as 20/03/2024
03-APR-2024 Registrations SPAIN New update Spain regs. as 29/03/2024
03-APR-2024 Registrations AUSTRALIA New update Australia regs. as 25/02/2024
02-APR-2024 MRLS BRAZIL New update Brazil MRLs as 20/03/2024
02-APR-2024 MRLS JAPAN New update Japan MRLs as 22/03/2024
01-APR-2024 MRLS EU-MRLS-HARMONIZED New update EU MRLs as 02/04/2024 (Reg. 2023/1753 - date of effect 02/04/2024)
29-MAR-2024 Registrations GERMANY New update Germany regs. as 01/03/2024
27-MAR-2024 Registrations SWITZERLAND New update Switzerland regs. as 02/03/2024
27-MAR-2024 Registrations CHINA New update China regs. as 20/03/2024
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