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V6 new upgrades

The latest Homologa V6 version is now online. Several changes have been implemented including interface, internal structure and data extraction. These are some of the most relevant changes that have been implemented.


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International and private standards

Homologa integrates standards from various sources :

Name Description Last check of source    Link
ALDI NORTH ALDI BE ALDI DK retailer standard (source: Greenyard) 07/06/2023
ALDI SOUTH2 retailer standard (source: Greenyard) 06/06/2023
JUMBO2 retailer standard (source: Greenyard) 08/06/2023
REWE2 retailer standard (source: Greenyard) 08/06/2023
Fairtrade private standard

PAN & JMPM multilateral standard June-2023

Stockholm POP multilateral standard June-2023
Rainforest1 private standard June-2023
UTZ1 private standard 2015
Montreal ozone depletion multilateral standard May-2022
Rotterdam multilateral standard June-2023
WHO (GHS recommended by WHO) multilateral standard May-2022
CLP-ECHA (Acute toxicity) multilateral standard 05/05/2022
EU Organic production international standard


Japan Organic production national standard 2017
Planet Proof private standard Apr-2022
MPS private standard May-2022
EU Low-risk substances international standard Jan-2022
EU Candidates for substitution international standard Mar-2022


1UTZ and Rainforest have merged and will release a new standard.

2For those standards, Lexagri slightly modified the classification name from “blacklist” to “blocklist”.